B pillar trims required

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Morning all..

Does anybody have any of the parts listed below for my 1987 w460 280ge, I think im on the home straight now so if anyone has any for sale then happy days.....

both "B" pillar trim panels..

 3x rubber seals for rear spare wheel carrier

The chequred cloth for seats ( need to recover/repair front seats )

Roof Gutter over trim..

Many thanks Geoff..

P.S. attached pics of old Pillar trims..

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Re: B pillar trims required
Hmmm... You might be as well to look at the part numbers ("460..." etc.) on the back and go Googling. Some things are crazy expensive while others are not. Good luck. Nick.
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Re: B pillar trims required

You would have better chance in repairing the breaks. Get one of these plastic repairers to do the job - if you get a good one, you won't even see the seam where he would bond or plastic weld. Secondly, use this product (Topfix - Art. Nr. 07.1435 comes in 50ml) your self but it is expensive. 


Tel.: +44 (0)1722411744
Telford Road
SP2 7GL Salisbury – Wiltshire

Topfix will come with one mixing nozzle and additionally you will need a grip and applicator handle. Topfix is under £30.00 (Trade), Handle circa <£10.00 and additional nozzle (X16 or so) cica £20. Strong setting but cannot gaurantee the finish after sanding down; I have not had to do that yet.