Door lock / Interior Door Lever

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I hope someone can assist me.  I am having trouble with the front passenger door lock, or more to the point - the interior lever / door handle.  You can open the door from outside fine and the central locking works.  But, when you pull the interior door lever / handle,  it does something to the mechanism and the only way to get it working again is put a screw driver into the the body of the door and manipulate it to start working again. However, the interior lever / door handle and will keep freezing and does not open the door. you cannot close the door at this point until you use the screwdriver. I insert the screw driver at the first opening closets to to the door mechanism on the door.

I was going to upload a couple of videos, but I don’t think that you can upload videos on this site.

Any comments and suggestions would be most helpful.

Regards  Barry


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Re: Door lock / Interior Door Lever

Best option for videos is to upload to a video service of your choice, e.g. youtube, and then just paste/share the link in your post.

Sounds simply mechanical.  Take the door cardboard off.  The plastic surround to the door lever slides backwards (I think) to release it, and remove the door winder handle.  Then you will be able to see the mechanism and hopefuly spot what is bent.

Or you could have a worn out lock part, which might be tricky to repair.  Check out the diagrams for the parts.


Pages 233, 239 etc