GWOA G Tuning Workshop Meet - Faringdon, Oxon. With Campout

Event Date: 
Sat, 12/09/2020 - 10:00 - Sun, 13/09/2020 - 14:00

Tentative Calendar Date for GWOA Meet in Faringdon, Oxon.  12th September 2020

G Tuning Workshop and talk. Book 4x4 Dyno testing.  GWOA Goodies.  GWOA Meetup.  Lunch Van

Campout Uffington White Horse, Saturday Night.  Glamping available.  B&B available.

Will update here if we get a quorum.

Venue:  Dyntotech RS, Faringdon, Oxfordshire.   On the A420 from Oxford to Swindon.   This venue has space/parking for a dozen Gs or so and is a central location to hopefully attract more than just the south/london.

Date 12th September to avoid Summer hols. Combine with a Saturday night meal and B&B / camp-out in the area.


Dynotech RS specialise in Tuning and Performance for all marques.  If your G has any engine management (e.g. fuel injection) or ECU and sensors, then they can tune it.  With a 4x4 rolling road (DynoMax).  These guys know their stuff, have STAR if they need it and tune MB engines all the time. 

Meetup on a Saturday Morning.  GWOA stall with giveaways (back of a G).  Refreshments.

Short talk from Dynotech about their approach to tuning, what can and can't be done, your options etc.  Q&A and discussion.

Test Runs on the Dyno, booked in advance.  A small contribution for this.

Meet other GWOA Members and compare stories and ideas.  Bring any tools, gadgets, spares your might want to sell or PX.  If you are offering a STAR healthcheck of your own while there, let me know.


Telis runs the business and has extended a discount for GWOA Members for the base tuning service, and any subsequent hourly work:

Pre-tune Dyno run.  Custom tuning, to optimise economy, performance, responsiveness, etc, within the tolerances of your G engine. Dyno Run comparison.   

                                   Retail                    Club 
Diesel                        £650                    £450
AMG Kompressor    £850                    £650
AMG Turbo              £1200                   £850
All vehicles will be tuned on the 4x4 dyno. All our files are bespoke. We will get real time running data from the OBD gate and fine tune for the best possible result. Before and after power and torque graphs will be provided.
Dyntotech also give a discount of 15% on labour charges from £65 to £55/hr. This will apply to any car brought to them from a GWOA member.
If you have just fuel injection, turbo, optimisation needs, that's a smaller / separate quote.

Other ECU tuning companies are available all over the UK.  Many will be off the shelf maps (about £300), or maybe the addition of tuning boxes £100-£1000).  Some will be cheaper, some will be more expensive.  This is about sharing experience and access to expertise.