GWOA G Tuning Workshop & Meet - Faringdon, Oxon. With Campout

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Trying this again, in the Events forum. Event Date: Sat, 12/09/2020 - 10:00 - Sun, 13/09/2020 - 14:00 Tentative Calendar Date for GWOA Meet in Faringdon, Oxon. 12th September 2020 G Tuning Workshop and talk. Book 4x4 Dyno testing. GWOA Goodies. GWOA Meetup. GWOA campout. Campout Uffington White Horse, Saturday Night. Glamping available. B&B available. Venue: Dyntotech RS, Faringdon, Oxfordshire. On the A420 from Oxford to Swindon. This venue has space/parking for a dozen Gs or so and is a central location to hopefully attract more than just the south/london. Date: 12th September to avoid Summer hols. Combine with a Saturday night meal and B&B / camp-out. Format: Dynotech RS specialise in Tuning and Performance for all marques. If your G has any engine management (e.g. fuel injection) or ECU and sensors, then they can tune it. With a 4x4 rolling road (DynoMax). Meetup on a Saturday Morning. GWOA stall with giveaways (back of a G). Short talk from Dynotech about their approach to tuning, what can and can't be done, your options etc. Q&A and discussion. Test Runs on the Dyno, booked in advance. A small contribution for this. Meet other GWOA Members and compare stories and ideas. Bring any tools, gadgets, spares your might want to sell or PX. If you are offering a STAR healthcheck of your own while there, let me know. We need about half a dozen or as many possible to make this a good meet. Make the most of covid restriction easing, whilst keeping social distancing while there.