GWOA G Tuning Workshop & Meet - Faringdon, Oxon. With Campout

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Trying this again, in the Events forum. Event Date: Sat, 12/09/2020 - 10:00 - Sun, 13/09/2020 - 14:00 Tentative Calendar Date for GWOA Meet in Faringdon, Oxon. 12th September 2020 G Tuning Workshop and talk. Book 4x4 Dyno testing. GWOA Goodies. GWOA Meetup. GWOA campout. Campout Uffington White Horse, Saturday Night. Glamping available. B&B available. Venue: Dyntotech RS, Faringdon, Oxfordshire. On the A420 from Oxford to Swindon. This venue has space/parking for a dozen Gs or so and is a central location to hopefully attract more than just the south/london. Date: 12th September to avoid Summer hols. Combine with a Saturday night meal and B&B / camp-out. Format: Dynotech RS specialise in Tuning and Performance for all marques. If your G has any engine management (e.g. fuel injection) or ECU and sensors, then they can tune it. With a 4x4 rolling road (DynoMax). Meetup on a Saturday Morning. GWOA stall with giveaways (back of a G). Short talk from Dynotech about their approach to tuning, what can and can't be done, your options etc. Q&A and discussion. Test Runs on the Dyno, booked in advance. A small contribution for this. Meet other GWOA Members and compare stories and ideas. Bring any tools, gadgets, spares your might want to sell or PX. If you are offering a STAR healthcheck of your own while there, let me know. We need about half a dozen or as many possible to make this a good meet. Make the most of covid restriction easing, whilst keeping social distancing while there.
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Re: GWOA G Tuning Workshop & Meet - Faringdon, Oxon. With ...
Sounds just the thing!
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Re: GWOA G Tuning Workshop & Meet - Faringdon, Oxon. With ...

Noticing a reminder of this event, to those who are planning in going to the event, I thought it best to contribute my opinion and suggestions to get the best out of your experience.

The fact you want to take part is to IMPROVE engine performance and better your fuel consumption.

Before spending a lot of money to this you want the engine running as best and clean as possible to gain the ulitmate peformance tuning out of your investment.

To this end for the moment I'll have to brief. My suggestions is to have oil and oil filter change at minimum and check and replace the air filter as necessary.

This why:- I suggest the oil change using what is generally known as an engine flush. But there is more to an engine flush than perople know of. 

  1. It removes built up carbon within the cylinder head and outter tips of the fuel injector (vehicle dependant).
  2. It removes carbon from around the piston rings and oil control ring, cleaner surface for the rings to slide will give better compression pressure hence better performance and improved fuel consumption. Effectively giving longevity to your engine at peak performance.
  3. Better compression and cleaner injector tips reduces the harmful gases emmitted so you would be contributing to a less polluting atomosphere.
  4. The additives in the flushing agent neutralises aciddity so when it comes to adding your new oil (not cheap now a days) it would last longer as the chemical degordation would be delayed.
  5. Removed carbon deposits during the oil flush are in a suspended state so when drained, it comes out and not remain in the sump.


After the oil change, you may add an "oil conditioner/fortifer" which raises the base line of oil degradtion hence it extend the oil life with better lubrication qualities.

The engine side done, now to tackle the fuel side of things. Add a can of fuel cleaner to a FULL tank of fuel and let it do its work. As the vehicle is used obviously fuel is going to travel from the tank right into the engine, the cleaner will pick up and disolve carbon and burn it out through the engine and the internals of the injector tip are now being cleaned restoring over the full tank use of fuel/additive blend.

There are various such products on the market available on Amozon, eBay, Halfords and factors from the likes of Wynn's, Forte etc, etc.

My preference of these products is by BG Poducts

Petrol and Diesels' have different products; the oil flush/engine performance restorer should be poured into a cold engine and run the engine half an hour for Petrols' and 45 mins for diesels, then drain off but do not let the engine go cold before draining taking care you do not scold your hands.

I will provide more product information latter or using the link above they have various tutorials and testimoniales of before and after treatment. 

I have witnessed this at the garage where I currently volunteer, we did an emmissions test before oil flush and compared the emissions after oil flush - there was a marked improvement for the better in figures. Other examples of tests id doing the same for compression pressures, agian with marked improvements in compression pressure gain. 

It is a no brainer for me. So Gents' do follow up in my suggestion and when tuning your engines you can sure in achieving the finner points of performace tuning.