Happy Xmas and here's to 2021

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Festive Greetings.  Surely the weirdest Xmas Day since WW2, and in some ways harder - doing it alone.

So if you are isolating, shielding, on your own this year, and just cheesed off with the whole thing... relax and make your Xmas whenever things open up.  I am reliably informed that once the most vulnerable are vaccinated, it will open up, by about March.  And to cap that, we seem to have some deal for Brexit (love it or hate it) and that will also bring some certainty.

Thanks for popping by GWOA in this year, registering, joining, contributing.  Plenty to do to improve and evolve in 2021.  In the meantime, look after yourself, your families, and your G, and share the knowledge.  If you get a G from Santa under the tree like this one, share a picture.

-John / GWOA

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