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I've been a long time admirer of the G Wagon, and I finally picked up a 2018 G350d with only 13,000 miles on it, last week. I love it more and more every day I drive it (or just staring at it).

I have a couple of questions which I hope someone can help me with:

01 - Spare Wheel Cover Badge: there is a strange badge on the spare wheel cover (as per photo below). I presume the previous owner replaced the original large badge with this smaller one. Can anyone recommend a good source or website to order the original badge for the spare wheel cover?

02 - Lights: I've noticed that a lot of the G63s have 'halo / round' lights. Were you able to spec these on a G350d or were they only an option on the G63? Secondly, can anyone recommend a good source or website to order them? If they were not an option for the G350d, I'd rather not add them, as I don't want to try and make my G350d look like a G63.

03 - Door Rattle Sound: I've noticed that both doors seem to rattle when I drive it. Is this something that can be fixed or are G Wagons just better off being left with the odd rattle (like a Land Rover Defender)?

04 - Colour: does anyone know the colour name for my G350?

05 - Driveway Lights On: is it possible to have your lights come on when you lock or unlock the G Wagon so that you can see where you are going in the dark?

Thanks in advance for your help.




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Re: Newbie G Wagon

Welcome.  The G350 is awesome and a real modern take on the 4x4 only G.  i.e. it does all the 4x4 stuff really well, but sits on the Autobahn with all the mod cons you could want.

You will need to add the pictures you want to using the 'attach files' section under the comment window.  Putting them in the chat often doesn't work.

Rattle in the doors - no.

Light settings - go into your MB COMAND menu and find the setting for this.  Something like courtesy lights. They come on when you unlock and stay one for a few seconds when you exit.

OEM stuff you can simply get from MB, or from a variety of resellers and fleabay.

Colour - even with a photo it will be hard to tell.  But it will be on your paperwork and the VIN plate on your door pillar.

Looking forwards to seeing a picture, or two.




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Re: Newbie G Wagon

Hi, welcome, do you have the new model or the classic shape? I think (not sure) the halo lights are only available for the current model.

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Re: Newbie G Wagon

You should be able to see the photo now. Very nice G and Lambo.

Not wanting to state the obvious but the G Wagon doors are notoriously difficult to close properly without a bit of a slam. If the doors are only partialy shut then they will rattle. The difference between fully closed and only latched is small so not always easy to spot.

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Re: Newbie G Wagon


Colour looks to me like flintgrau (flint grey).  My 2008 G320CDI is that colour - the best colour haha


PS - great looking wagon.   

PPS my door catches do not rattle!